Want to unlock your business growth?

Hey,I am Faraz .My purpose is to make your E-commerce business more successful in your area.My only question is.Do you want?

I’m Faraz

An SEO copywriter for e-commerce businesses who writes words that drive sales and helps them design and build funnels that allow them to make more money.

For the past 3 years. I have been trying to find the code behind every successful business. After working with large corporations such as Tecnosole and Wejob. I did it.

It does not matter what type of business you are running. Sales are the most crucial component of any business. Right?

Now I am on the mission to help struggling businesses grow more in this competitive economy.

Is your business making enough sales?

According to failory.More than 90% of the E-commerce start-up fail. Do you know Why?

Let me tell you something.

     ➡️ Getting users to become customers is difficult for them.
     ➡️  The majority of businesses fail because they do not understand their customers’ needs.
     ➡️They have a huge bounce rate and low conversion rate.
     ➡️They don’t work with the proper strategy and funnels.

So, If you want to make your business

 ✅An auto-pilot machine that runs on its own.So that you don’t worry about this.
 ✅If you want to make a better user experience.So that readers directly buy from you.
 ✅Or if you want to increase your email list or decrease your bounce rate.
 ✅You probably want to build an empire and increase brand awareness. But stuck in it.


Now,Let me tell you what you need.

Should you go another planet to do business. No


More marketing budget, free services to 10 clients? Spamming social media sites & friends’ inboxes?

 No  no  no!🙅


You need someone who would do the real work for you.

And what is that real work?

 ✅You need someone who understand your business

✅Who understand your target audience.And what exactly they want.


Here's how We get you
massive traffic


Want to be more loyal to your customer?With our go-to SEO strategy.We help you to see real results and brand awarenesss

After building brand awareness through SEO.We write through Copywriting words that make them pay to you.

We also help you to create proper strategy through funnel. So that you drive more leads by spending less.

”But Faraz,

Why should I trust you?🤷‍♂️

Are you some magician

         Certified SEO           Copywriter

I am a certified SEO Copywriter who  engange user and search engines that will help you to give more customers organically for pay you.


      Free 30-minute                 consultancy

Clain your free 30 minute concultancy.Ask me as many questions as you want.


Customer Satisfaction

I don’t make you wait on the ‘waiting list’ to get started.I would work unless you satisfy with results

       100% money-back Guaratnee

As I said I guarantee you more traffic and sales. What if you don’t make more sales? I refund 100% of your money.

Experience with big Companies

I consider myself very lucky to directly be the part of industry experts.

     Free A/B Testing & Revisions

Finding the winning copy or funnel for you is on me. No matter how many revisions it requires, I will only leave you thanking me.

What My Clients Say

OMG, you're indeed heaven sent! I couldn't have asked for more (I wanted to buy my own product from reading you write up!!). Above and beyond expectations, I’m already placing my next order. Thanks!

John Doe
Marketing manager

I was sceptical before. But this man went beyond my expectation.I got lucky to work with him. I would recommend Faraz consider it for your next project.

image (1)
Web designer

Faraz is a man of his words, he gets you exactly what he promises you . Not only that but the delivery was quick, mind-blowing content and even took the time to review my order a second time. I would definitely use him again.

image 3
Chris Jorden
Agency owner

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Look no forward.

The more you late,the longer you will have to wait.